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The brand

Welcome to the world of Elan Vital, where luxury and aromatherapy meet!

We are passionate about creating high quality products that bring beauty and fragrance to your home. Our candles and soaps are infused with the power of aromatherapy, designed to not only look and smell beautiful, but also enhance your atmosphere and bring you peace and relaxation.

Made with only the finest ingredients, every candle is handcrafted with care and attention to detail by our small family business. Experience the difference with Elan Vital Studio!

Soap | Sweethearts | Elan Vital Studio | Candles | Soaps | Hand Poured Candles | Candle Maker | Soap Maker

The vision

Our vision at Elan Vital is to become your favorite provider of luxurious and sustainable products that will allow you to indulge in a complete sensory experience. We strive to expand our product line to include a wide range of unique and beautifully crafted products that bring joy, inspiration, and relaxation to your daily life.

Our commitment to using only the best ingredients, including our creamy vegan blend of coconut apricot creme wax and wooden wicks, ensures that our products are free from harsh chemicals, biodegradable and gentle on your nose, skin and the environment. Join us on our journey to create a world filled with beauty, wellness, and sustainability.

Meet the team


When I think about what makes me feel truly at home, nothing compares to the comforting scent and cozy atmosphere of a warm, inviting space. Growing up in a tough environment and focusing on engineering as a career from teenage years, I didn't always appreciate the finer things in life. After overcoming obstacles like poverty and war, I decided to explore the world and moved to Australia, but recently I found myself facing new challenges when health issues forced me to leave the workforce.

It was during this time that I began to focus on making my home a sanctuary - a place where I could restore my health, feel safe and loved. I started creating homemade candles, soaps and body butters, and found that these simple, small acts of self-care had a significant positive impact on my overall well-being.

Throughout my journey, I've never lost my passion for science and spirituality, which have always been important aspects of my life. In late 2021, I decided to merge these two passions by creating Elan Vital, a brand of products that help create cozy atmosphere at home that smells and feels amazing. I founded this brand with the hope that you will find the same comfort and beauty using our products that I found in my own home.

My experiences have taught me that challenges and obstacles are not the end, but rather the beginning of new possibilities. I hope that Elan Vital can be a valuable asset in your journey as well and help inspire you to reach your full potential.

Kristina - Photography

Growing up in Croatia in the midst of a 6 year war I grew stronger and learned a lot to be able to overcome many challenges that were ahead of me in life. Having an adventurous streak, I moved to the USA at 19 years old and started a new chapter in my life. My professional background is in customer service, which has helped me create many wonderful relationships and understand people better. However, my true passion has always been photography. I enjoy art, creativity and capturing the world through my lens. 

Freezing those beautiful, every day moments, has been an absolute joy. My other passions are candles and scents. I have experienced anxiety and other health issues in my life, so I deeply understand the importance of creating a warm and comforting atmosphere in my home and for me, candles are a big part of that. I am excited to share those creations with you and I hope our products always make you feel comfortable, relaxed and help you overcome any challenges you may be experiencing. 

Every candle we create is with you in mind. You are beautiful and loved.

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